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Why does JavaScript / Flash Player not work?

Solution The security permissions should allow JavaScript and Flash Player to run on the trusted web sites that you visit using Internet Explorer on your Diamond Desktop.

If you find that these are not working, first check that the web site you are visiting is a trusted site. You can do this by submitting a support ticket to request that this site is added to the list of trusted sites. If the site is deemed to be safe, we will add the site to our Trusted Sites zone quickly for you.

If this doesn't solve the problem, it is likley that your Internet Explorer profile has become corrupted. This can be reset as follows:
- In Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options
- Tools is the cog icon in the menu bar or press Alt-X
- In Internet Options, select the Avanced Tab
- Click Reset, then Reset on the next form
- You do not need to tick Delete personal settings
- Click Close then click OK
- Then restart Internet Explorer

You should find that JavaScript and Flash Player now work.

This will reset your preferences - e.g. your home page - but is the only way to resolve this issue if your IE profile has become corrupted.
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