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Data menu


This menu is the engine of the database and is where you enter all the data which will make up the company’s accounts.

Business Details: Enter the business name, address etc.

Document and Disclosure: Choose options that will determine the overall contents of the final accounts.

Accountants Details: This is pre-populated with the details from the Accountants' parameters form, but you can change the details specifically for the current company database.

Directors: For companies only, enter the directors’ and company secretary details.

Other Information: Enter the optional other information, such as Bankers details etc.

Directors’ Report: For companies only, choose and edit the sections of the Directors’ report of a company. Mandatory sections and headings will be included automatically.

Accountants' Report: Choose the type of accountants report to be included with the accounts. The form and content of each report is not editable as they are mandatory and/or standard.

Trail Balance: Enter the figures from the extended trial balance of the company. The form has a number of tabs, each of which contains familiar sections of the profit & loss account and balance sheet.

Other Financial Data: Enter relevant financial data that is not included in the trial balance – e.g. geographical turnover.

Accounting Policies: Standard accounting policies will be included according to the FRSSE. Text is pre-populated, but you can edit to your own requirements.

Notes: Mandatory notes and notes required according to the data entered to the trial balance. The form includes a tab for each note to the accounts that can potentially be included. A tab will be inactive if that note is not required. Active tabs will display a preview of the note and include entry fields and text boxes to further specify the disclosure in the note.

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