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Accounts menu


This menu will control what you do with the current company’s accounts.

Preview: To preview the accounts to screen or print to paper or PDF before they are finalised for production. You may preview the accounts any number of times. Preview the full or abbreviated accounts (abbreviated accounts for small companies only).

New Year: To create next year’s accounts for an existing company database. This is not to be confused with the creation of a new database for the accounts of a company that is not yet in the system, which is explained in the File menu. New accounts can be created only after existing accounts have been finalised.

Status: This will display a status of the current company’s database. This feature is not yet activated.

History: To open and view historical finalised accounts for the current company. The menu will list the historical accounts for this company - most recent first. Select the year you require from the list. The title bar display will update to identify the chosen year.

Prepare: To finalise the accounts of the current company. Draft watermarks will be removed from previewed and printed documents and an iXBRL file produced for online submission. On licences which limit the number of accounts to be produced, only now will this company’s accounts be registered as utilising one of the limited number.

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