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Installing on your own PC, server network or peer-to-peer network

Solution The installation process is the same whether you are installing on a single-user PC or a server or workstation on a network. For a network installation, you must take care to ensure you make the correct selections during the installation process as described below and that the location to which the software data is stored is accessible by all network PCs that are going to use the software.

If you have an installation CD, put the CD into the CD or DVD drive. The installation program will start automatically. If it doesn’t, click Start > Run and enter X:\SETUP into the dialog box, where X is the drive letter of your CD/DVD drive. Click OK.

If you have downloaded the installation file from our website, Click Start > Run and enter the path of the downloaded file into the dialog box. Alternatively, browse to the downloaded folder path in Windows Explorer and double click on the setup.exe file. Click Next.

Licence Agreement Select Destination Location Select Installation Type For a network installation, first do a 'Single (Standalone) PC or Server' installation on the server followed by 'Workstation' installations on other PCs on the network. It is very important to select the correct installation type for server and network PCs. You may install several Workstations, but the number of concurrent sessions will be limited by your software licence.

Select Start Menu Folder Select Additional Tasks Ready to Install The installation is now complete. Click Finish.
To start a program session double-click one of the shortcut icons you created above or follow these steps:
1. Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar.
2. Select Programs.
3. Select Comprehensive Accounts.
4. Select the program name.

Workstations on a network

When you open a Workstation installation for the first time you will be met with the Select Directory form. This is because no data folders are installed on a Workstation and you must tell the program where the data folders are stored before the program can start. Use the usual Windows navigation to select the path of the folder to which you made your server installation. Your Workstation must be connected to your network and have read/write access to your server to do this. Once identified for the first time in this way, the Workstation will automatically link to this selected data from now on. You should contact your IT network administrator if you cannot locate the data folder.
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