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How do I activate/register my licence?

Solution The program installs in demonstration mode and must be activated before you can use the full functionality of the software.

If you have installed a free trial version, before you register your licence, you must first install a full version from our downloads page. This is explained in the emails we sent you after your purchase and is because the free trial version is restricted and will ignore your licence details if you try to register them.

The licence is activated from the Activation item in the Help menu.

You must enter the following details in the appropriate boxes: These details will have been agreed with you when you purchased your licence.

Single-user PC, server network or peer-to-peer network

The licence process is the same whether you are licensing a single-user PC or a server or workstation on a network. For a single-user PC, No. of users and Workstation ID are both "01". For a network installation, you must take care to ensure you activate your server and workstation licences with the correct details and in the correct order as follows: Only the workstation ID is different for each activation step above; all other licence details don't change. You can activate the workstation PCs in any order, but you must activate the server first with workstation ID "01".

To save time you can install the software and activate the licence on the server and each workstation as you go. Either way be sure to activate the server first and to use the correct workstation ID.

Failure to follow these steps precisely could invalidate your licence for future release updates.

Internet Activation

If you have an internet connection, press the “Internet” button and the software will automatically populate the Activation key details. Then press “OK” and the software will advise you that activation is successful and that you must restart Comprehensive for the licence to take effect.

Manual Activation

If you don’t have an internet connection or if you experience any problems, press “Manual” and start a support ticket quoting the code given in the form. We will then advise you of your Activation key for you to type into the Activatin form.

Activation Key

This is a unique code in the form xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxx and identifies the licence to the specific PC on which it is installed and activated. This is populated automatically by Internet Activation.

Please retain your licence details for future reference.
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