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How do I create a backup of my company data?

Solution This is done from the menu, File > Backup and Restore > Back Up Company Data.

Use the usual Windows and mouse navigation options to select one, some or all of you companies' databases. A compressed "zip" file for each selected company will be created in your chosen destination folder.

The backup file(s) that the routines create will be named, where:
- NN is the company database number
- YYYYMMDD is the current system date, i.e. on your PC
- hhmm is the current system time, i.e. on your PC

You can then move or copy these zip files for you own purposes, e.g. off-site data backup, or to attach to a Comprehensive support ticket.

You can also restore data from a zip file to a new company or the original company using the menu, File > Backup and Restore > Restore Company Data.
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