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Why am I told that "a licence for this workstation is already activated"?

Solution When you attempt to activate your licence, the details you enter are checked against the licence activation database on our web site.

The entered licence name, number of users and licence number must be exactly as was agreed with you when you purchased your licence and which was also confirmed to you in the licence details email we sent you.

If you have purchased a multi-user and/or multi-workstation licence, the entered workstation number must be unique to each workstation (i.e. PC) you activate on your licence - i.e. you can enter workstation "01" on only one of your workstations, "02" on only one workstation and so on. This identifies each workstation on your licence and permits you to activate Comprehensive on no more than the licensed number of PCs.

If you have entered any of these details incorrectly, you will receive an error message. Please check your entries carefully and re-submit.

When you successfully enter your correct licence details, the Activation key will be populated automatically and your licence activation on this specific workstation will be registered on the licence activation database on our web site.

Any attempt to re-register the same licence details on this or any other PC or different licence details on the same PC will be met with this "already activated" message as this PC and these licence details are already recorded and cannot be re-used.

If you legitimately need to re-activate your licence, for example to transfer Comprehensive to a new or different PC, you must contact us first so that we can clear your licence and workstation details from our licence activation database.

Please do this by starting a support ticket.
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