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Why must I contact you before I can re-install or move Comprehensive to a new PC?

Solution When you activate your licence by submitting your licence details via the Activation form in the software, your details are registered on our licence activation database, which is on our web site.

Before you reinstall Comprehensive on the same PC you must first uninstall the software. Uninstalling Comprehensive removes the licence details from your PC but it does not remove them from the licence activation database on our web site. Therefore trying to re-license on the same PC or any other PC or laptop will fail as your licence is still registered on our database.

Before you can re-activate your licence - e.g. when transferring Comprehensive to a new PC or reinstalling to the same PC after a system crash - you must first contact us to request that we clear our licence activation database, which will then allow you to re-activate the transferred or re-installed licence.

To do this, please contact us by raising a support ticket explaining the circumstances and requesting that we clear our licence activation database.

This process helps us to assure you that only licensed users can use the full features of our software.

N.B. reinstalling the software is not the same as installing a release update. See the following article about installing a release update:
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