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Why am I told "the licensed number of users has been exceeded"?

Solution The licence limits the number of sessions of Comprehensive you can have open concurrently at any time. Typically a trial and a single-user licence will limit you to one open session.

This message tells you that you already have the maximum allowed number of sessions open and cannot open any more.

The Comprehensive menu, Help > About will tell you how many concurrent sessions are allowed under your licence. This is the "No. of users".

To see how many sessions you have already running, either check the Task Bar for existing Comprehensive icons or open the Task Manager and check for open Comprehensive Tasks in the Applications tab or running comprehensive.exe Image Names in the Processes tab.

From here, you can then close any open sessions you didn't realise were running by selecting them from the Task Bar and selecting from the menu, File > Exit or by ending the running Task or Image Name in Task Manager.
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