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Where is my iXBRL Accounts file?

Solution When you prepare final accounts, by default Comprehensive will save the iXBRL accounts file as a file named ACCOUNTS.html in the data folder of the company for which you are preparing the accounts.

The ACCOUNTS.html file will be in this data location but, depending on your PC configuration, this location might be hidden from your Windows Explorer view.

This is a feature introduced by Microsoft, i.e. not us, with Windows Vista and Windows 7 whereby software applications and their data are saved to two different folders - Program Files and ProgramData - with the latter being hidden from view unless you change some parameters on your PC.

For this reason, in the Prepare form Comprehensive gives you the option either to accept this default or to select your preferred folder destination and file name for the iXBRL accounts file.

In the Prepare form, type the full path including the file name in the text box provided or press the ellipsis button to the right of the text box and search/select the folder and file name with the familiar "Save As" dialog box.
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