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First use

Solution The software is menu driven, so will open with a blank screen and you must open data entry forms from the menu near the top of the screen. The menu and data entry forms are explained in the other articles in this Getting started category.

The software is first installed to include one empty company database and will open with this company database automatically when the program starts.

This company database will have the two-character ID code 00 and will be named YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE.

You will see the company code - i.e. 00 - and the company name - i.e. YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE - in the title bar at the top of the screen.

Being a blank database, the first thing you must do is to tell the program the fundamental accountant and business parameters. This is explained in the View menu article.

Having entered these parameters, the other menus will be activated and certain of them will be pre-populated, shown or hidden based on the parameter selections made. Then the user can step through the Data menu items as explained in the Data menu article, entering the figures, text and choosing options particular to this company.

Having entered the data, then move on to preview and process the accounts in the Accounts menu - see the Accounts menu article.

To create a database for a different company, select New Company from the File menu and follow the same process for the new company details and preferences.

Please read the further explanations in the other articles in this Getting started category.

As we introduce more features and functionally to the software, we will add to the explanations in these support pages.
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