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Submission errors when using Forbes Protax software

Solution Some customers have reported submission errors when submitting their tax returns using Forbes Protax software.

The syntax of the error report suggests that it is an error with the attached iXBRL accounts file, but in fact it is caused by a setting in the Forbes Protax software.

If you use Forbes Protax software to submit your tax returns and receive a submission error, we have been advised that you should do the following in the Forbes Protax software:
- Delete the attached iXBRL accounts file
- Select Tools, select User Setup, select Advanced
- Tick the option "iXBRL contains unusual characters"
- Attach the iXBRL accounts file again and submit the tax return

We have reproduced these instructions with the help of a customer who experienced the problem.

If any of these instructions are unclear, please contact your Forbes Protax software provider.

If the submission error remains after having performed this correctly, please then review our knowledgebase for further support and advice.

If the knowledgebase does not provide the answer to your problem, please then contact us by submitting a support ticket.
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