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Menu is disabled after data is moved to a new PC

Solution When you use the software, as well as the data you enter, it records and updates variables and parameters on the PC which are used, among other things, to help manage the software menus and user interface.

Having re-installed the software, most of these variables and parameters don't exist on the new PC and must be re-instated.

Some of these variables tell the software which of the companies you have created contain live data. If you have copied company data from your old PC, these variables will not be present on the new PC for these companies and the software menus will therefore be blank or greyed out as if it were a new company database.

This is easily remedied simply by opening each of the parameters forms from the View menu item. Press OK to close each form and you should then find that the menus are enabled. This must be done for each company database you have transferred from the old PC.

Other variables and parameters will be reinstated through normal use of the software and should not cause any issues.
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