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This menu controls creation of and access to your different companies’ accounts. Each company’s accounts is identified by a two-character code.

Change Company opens a form which will allow you to move between the accounts of existing companies.

New Company opens a form which will allow you to create a new database for the accounts of a company that is not yet in the system. This is not to be confused with creating new accounts for an existing company, which is explained in the Accounts menu.

Copy Company opens a form which will allow you to copy the database for the current company to a new or an existing company database. The contents of an existing company database will be overwritten, so please take care. This creates an exact copy of the current company database in the system and is not to be confused with Backup, which creates a zipped file containing the current company database for you to save elsewhere for business continuity etc.

Erase Company will erase the current company database – proceed with caution.

Data Cleardown will delete accounts data but leave Accountants and Business parameters unchanged.

Reorganise Databases will run routines to tidy up the current company database – e.g. purge deleted and temporary records, re-index tables etc.

Backup & Restore allows you to create and restore backups of some or all of the existing companies’ databases. For each selected company database, a zipped file will be created which you can then save to removable media for business continuity etc.

Exit will close the application.

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