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How do I add an attachment to a support ticket?

Solution You can attach up to three files to each reply you make on a support ticket. These could be screenshots of the software to illustrate the issue you are explaining or a backup of your data for us to investigate a problem.

In a reply entry form below the box in which you type your reply there is a list of three grey text boxes and "Browse" buttons.

Click a "Browse" button in this list to open an upload form and, using Windows Explorer navigation that should be familiar to you, browse to the location of the file you wish to attach.

Click on the file and press "Open". You will then be returned to the ticket entry form and the file location will be displayed in the Attachments text box.

To upload three files, do this for the three different "Browse" buttons. If you wish to upload more than three files, either submit more than one reply to the ticket or create a zip file containing all the files you want to upload and then attach the zip file instead.

Press "Submit reply" when all files are attached and after you have typed your reply.

Depending on the size of the files to be attached and the speed of your internet connection, it may take from a few seconds to several minutes to upload your files to our web site and complete the reply.

Do not close the browser until the reply is fully submitted.
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