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This menu is where you set the key parameters for the Accountants' details and the Business type for a company.

Accountant Parameters: Enter the name, type of firm and address in this form. Consider these as a system template as the details entered here will automatically pre-populate the accountants' details for any new company database you create. Changes made here will not affect existing companies. So, once a company database is created, the accountants' details specific to that company are viewed and can be editied in the Accountants Details item in the Data menu.

Business Parameters: Enter the business name, type (e.g. sole trader, company) and the source of the trial balance (e.g. manual entry). The business name entered here for a new company database will automatically pre-populate the company name used in the accounts. The latter is found in the Business Details item in the Data menu. Once a company database is created these can be edited independently, which you may find useful if you wish to identify the business by a client name or ID in the Business Parameters while retaining the official name for the accounts in Business Details.

Once business type has been activated for a new company by leaving this form, it cannot be changed for that company without a data cleardown.

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