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Solution Thank you for using our software.

As a business owner and manager, you have already made a significant investment - and taken a significant commercial risk - in your own business and the software that you use to help you manage your business should be considered in the same way. Use of software should deliver measurable benefits to your business to justify the investment you have made.

These benefits may be directly measurable in money terms - e.g. reduced stationery and postage costs through integrated stationery design and increased use of email, efficient stock levels as a result of improved supply chain management, better credit control. They may also be intangible and more difficult to measure precisely in money terms - e.g. reduced time absorbed by routine data processing which can then be devoted to managing and growing your business.

To ensure you get the best from our software, we encourage you to read and be comfortable that you understand the topics in the introductory sections of this knowledgebase.

Essential Reading will give you a general introduction to the software, its structure, navigation and data entry as well as some general introduction to business financial management.

Set Up Your Company and Input Your Opening Data help you through the key tasks required to prepare the software to be used for your business.

Design Your Stationery to see how you can use this valuable tool to tailor document designs to your business and introduce significant time and cost savings as your documents can be printed to plain paper instead of more expensive pre-printed stationery and conveniently emailed and stored in the software to review or reprint if necessary at a later time.

Then in Common Tasks and Business Issues we address some common business configuration issues and signpost the main topics and tasks you will need to be familiar with in the software.

This knowledgebase is designed to be as clear and helpful as possible in order to enable you to help yourself as much as possible in the day-to-day use of the software.

Please let us know if you can identify areas where you think it can be improved.
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